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UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 27

UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 27

November 7, 2018

In this episode Volkswagon reveals their new Atlas concept, a high-end sporty sedan and discusses the beefed up Jetta.

Nissan debuts a complete rebuild of their sixth generation Altima. The new version now features all wheel drive, a variable compression turbo engine and their advanced infotainment system is now a standard feature.

Toyota is re-introducing a bolder, more capable verions of thier RAV 4 now with standard safety features and all-wheel drive.

Jaguar has a new wagon with a 380 horse power engine, all wheel drive, a Meridian sound system as standard, and a new activity key bracelet for easy remote control. 

Volvo presents their pet acessories for safer pet travel. Acessories include a dog gate, protective grill and harness.

Lexus debuts a new structural no pigment blue for their LC-500. They also discuss their 2018 RC-F and GS-F.

Mercedes Benz gives us a taste of their now extensive lineup with an overview of their cars at the show including the Maybach cabriolet and all electric SMART.



The New York International Auto Show





Volvo Petfinder


Mercedes Benz






Motivational Sports | Royalty Free Rock

Composer: Jake Kodweis | Pond 6


Integrated Loudness -16.0 (remix)

UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 26

UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 26

September 30, 2018

Tom & Conrad visit the New York Auto Show and talk to Mini Cooper about what's new for 2018, NJ Exotic Spotters about being a photo blogger, Mazda about the new Kai concept, the RX7 and the new Miata MX5. They also speak with Jaguar about their F-Typer, visit the 2018 Karma Revero and the BMW booths.



The New York International Auto Show

The Mini Cooper



Karma Revero





Energetic African Dancing: Afrobeat Blues For Dying Globe

Composer: Calle Frogard. Pond 5 

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UnCommonCore Presents

UnCommonCore Presents

August 20, 2018

Shoe Biz 

with Conrad Bradford

         and Alicia Walters 

As the Fashion Footwear Association of New York (FFANY) comes to visit Conrad talks to Alicia about the shoe business.

Brands discussed include:

Brian Atwood

Donald Pliner



Kennith Cole

Steve Madden

Copper Fit










Music: "Future Bass" Item ID: 91013676 By NeoCortex. Pond 5

UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 25

UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 25

August 5, 2018

In the second part of the two part series on Fly Fishing, Tom continues his conversations at the Fly Fishing Show. He talks to expert fly tier Rob Lewis, Nature Painter CD Clark, gear maker Orvis and boatmakers Maxxon Outfitters and Jones Brothers Marine.

In this episode he also speaks about Fly Fishing and the non-profit Ocean Cleanup.


Rob Lewis (Fly Tier)

Orvis (Fly Fishing Supplies)

CD Clark (Painter)

Maxxon Outfitters (Inflatable Boats)

Jones Brothers Marine (Fishing Boats)


Ocean Cleanup


Music: "Dark Moon Suspense" By Real Guitars. Pond 5

UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 24

UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 24

June 18, 2018

In our final part of the New York Audio Show we feature 2 icons of the High-End Audio world: David Cheskey and Rondi D'Agostino. It also includes two exciting new products The + Record Player and MarkAudio-Sota Loudspeakers.


The New York Audio Show: https://www.chestergroup.org/newyorkaudioshow/

Chesky Records: http://www.chesky.com

Plus Audio: https://plusaudio.myshopify.com

MarkAudio-SOTA: http://markaudio-sota.us

Krell: http://www.krellonline.com


Mi Peligro - No Leads by Pondtunez
Pond 5 Standard License

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Hug The Pug

UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 23

UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 23

May 14, 2018

UnCommonCore Podcast | Episode 23: The Fly Fishing Show 2018 Part 1 | http://flyfishingshow.com

In the fist part of this series Tom interviews representatives from: No See Um Lodge, Pinnacle Performance Eyewear, Julie Seur, Yeti Coolers, Art Weiler Rods, Scott Fly Rods, Duberry of Ireland, and Van Staal Reels.


No See Um Lodge

Pinnacle Performance Eyewear

Julie Seur


Art Weiler Rods

Scott Fly Rods

Duberry of Ireland

Van Staal Reels

UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 22

UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 22

March 25, 2018

UnCommonCore Podcast | Episode 22: New York Audio Show 2017 Part 2 | Entry to Expert | https://www.chestergroup.org/newyorkaudioshow/2017

Tom interviews representatives from Marantz, Tweak Studio, Audio Note, Rollo Audio featuring Aqua and Linear Tube audio, Ohm and Alexus Audio.

For links visit out blog: http://www.uccpodcast.com/episode-22-the-new-york-audio-show-part-2-day-1-entry-to-expert/


UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 21

UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 21

March 2, 2018

UnCommonCore Podcast | Episode 21: New York Audio Show Part 1 | Newest Products | https://www.chestergroup.org/newyorkaudioshow/2017

Featuring : Electrocompaniet's EC Living, Technics SL 1200G & SP 10R & Steve Guttenberg.

Legendary Norwegian High-End Audio electronics company Electrocompaniet has been at the top of the high-end audio world for over 40 years. They discusses EC Living, a new wireless modular audio system for the home that redefines what a home stereo sytem is in 2018.

Ask any DJ, it was Technics ' invention of the direct drive turntable that started it all. And THE DJ turntable was the Technics SL1200, that is, until it was dicontinued in 2010, whereafter it spawned a sea of copycats. Now the Technics 1200 classic record player is back with a vengence and it's been completly redesigned. They talk about the newest long awaited arrival of their affordable audiophile version of their newest legendary turntable the SL 1200G.

Steve Guttenburg (Audiophiliac ) is CNET's high-end audio expert; he talks about the High-End audiophile culture, past and present, and recommends a new record.


RIP Joe Frank thanks for all your years of weirdness. 



UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 20

UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 20

January 19, 2018

UnCommonCore Podcast | Episode 20 | Spring and Summer 2018 Fashion | Capsule 3

October 2017 | This is the Season Finale!

Tom and 2thBrush cover  in our third installment of the Capsule Show from New York City's Fashion Week.

The website blog is here: www.uccpodcast.com

Our merchandise is here: www.hugthepug.com




UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 19

UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 19

December 6, 2017

UnCommonCore Podcast | Episode 19: Reef-A-Palooza Part 3 | Everything You Need | http://www.reefapaloozashow.net/

Links to all the products are available on our blog HERE

The Notes Page has my thoughts about the products featured in this episode. It is available HERE

Our Web Page is www.uccpodcast.com

Live-to-disk from the floor of "America's Largest Saltwater Aquarium Show" Reef-A-Palooza New York 2017 held at the Meadowlands Exposition Center.

Tom talks to some of the new and interesting vendors in this episode including JBJ Aquarium, Savvy Seahorses and Ecotech Marine.


Master B.1